Handling Sector | Steel Plates Handling

Initial situation

Handling & Engineering Project for a UK Fabricator

Airpes designed and manufactured 2 beams equipped with vacuum systems composed of 64 suction pads to ensure a correct positioning and grip for a safe transport.

The handling of steel plates

Extreme difficulty with the handling, transportation, and safety of getting the steel plates (up to 19.5m in length) to the presses. Once the steel plates arrived at the presses, placing them on the presses is extremely time consuming.

Requirements for the on demand solution

Improve the handling and transportation of the steel plates being transported to the presses while observing safety regulations.

Airpes' solutions

Design of 2 lifting beams

Airpes, as the lifting equipment supplier designed, manufactured and supplied 2 lifting beams equipped with vacuum systems composed of 64 suction pads to ensure correct positioning and grip on the steel plates to safely transport.

The beams also use a sensor based detection protocol to ensure the right position of the steel plates to be transported. Due to the flexibility of the design, the suction pads can be adjusted to follow the shape of the plates.


On Demand Solutions | Lifting Equipment Airpes

Transportation process efficiency increased more than 40% in this phase by now utilizing the suction cups reliability in place of previous method.

Process now under safety regulation requirements.