Here are the latest news from Airpes, experts in handling, weighing and lifting.

Discover our on demand solutions for our customers in sectors such as steel, wind, sea and many more. Lifting, handling and weighing solutions optimized and customized for each client.

Also get to know our latest products in handling and weighing, and also our participation at industry events or even job openings, our staff’s news and any other story about the world of weighing, lifting and handling.

The Lift Director’s Role in Safe Crane Operations

Lift Director Safe Crane Operations | Airpes
A lift director must be dependable and reliable with the work experience needed to guarantee safe lifting and rigging operations. [+]

Crane safety: 10 tips for a safe handling and weighing

10 tips safe handling weighing 00 | Airpes
In a job that includes cranes and lifting projects, an efficient and safe execution is expected. Safety of both workers and equipment is essential. For this reason, today we share with you 10 tips to ... [+]

Energy can’t stop, that’s why we don’t stop

Airpes is working 100% to reach you any spot of the world you are in. We want to reiterate our commitment to renewable energy plants. [+]

Crane Deflection Limits

Crane Deflection Limits | Airpes
Crane deflection limits are one of the factors to consider when designing any lifting device. Find out what types, vertical and horizontal, and on what they consist. [+]

Digital crane scales

Digital crane scale | Airpes Lifting
Our extensive experience in the manufacture of weighing equipments has led us to design industrial scales adaptable to any type of crane. Weighing hooks, weighing hook blocks, weighing pallet trucks a... [+]

Airpes designs the best equipment for your overhead cranes

We design over head cranes 02 | Airpes
At Airpes we are experts in weighing, handling and lifting. We work hard to make your job easier, designing, manufacturing and testing the best equipment for your overhead cranes according to your nee... [+]

Transfer carts

Pallet Transfer Cart | Airpes
In this article we describe you how pallet transfer carts work allowing palletized loads to be transported from one place to another. Find out the different types. [+]

Vacuum sheet lifters

Airpes | Vacuum sheet lifters
In this article you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of Airpes vacuum sheet lifters for handling different materials. [+]

6 overhead crane safety tips to protect your workers 

Overhead crane tips | Airpes
Add these tips to your overhead crane safety checklist. This way, you won’t forget to assure that everything works fine. [+]
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