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Here are the latest news from Airpes, experts in handling, weighing and lifting.

Discover our on demand solutions for our customers in sectors such as steel, wind, sea and many more. Lifting, handling and weighing solutions optimized and customized for each client.

Also get to know our latest products in handling and weighing, and also our participation at industry events or even job openings, our staff’s news and any other story about the world of weighing, lifting and handling.

Catia designs: benefits of the industrial solution for lifting equipment

Catia | Airpes
  What is Catia? Catia is a design and engineering program that is created to offer support from the beginning of the design to the final production of a product. In other words, it helps us to d... [+]

The Lift Director’s Role in Safe Crane Operations

Lift Director Safe Crane Operations | Airpes
Lift directors are dependable and reliable with the work experience needed to guarantee safe lifting and rigging operations. [+]

Airpes will be at CeMAT 2018: Hall 024 Stand C56 April 23-27th

Airpes at CeMAT 2018 01 | Airpes
Once again this year, Airpes is back again at CeMAT to present its latest innovations in cranes, lifting and weighing systems. [+]

Transport piece TIP Frame Blade, shipping first units for our US client

Tip Frame Blade 00 | Siemens Gamesa | Airpes
We are now shipping to the US the first units of our transport piece TIP FRAME BLADE for our US client Siemens Gamesa. This is the first of 15 shipments we are readying for our clients. [+]

6 overhead crane safety tips to protect your workers 

Overhead crane tips | Airpes
Add these tips to your overhead crane safety checklist. This way, you won’t forget to assure that everything works fine. [+]

Airpes, your lifting equipment supplier

Lifting equipment supplier 00 | Airpes
At Airpes we work hard to design lifting equipment that not only works on point, but makes things much safer and easier. [+]

5 safety tips while using electromagnets

Safety tips permanent electromagnet | Airpes
Electromagnets help us to lift metal plates and transport them comfortably and quickly. Today we are going to review some safety tips for electromagnets. [+]

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018

Merry Christmas Happy New Year 2018 01 | Airpes
Airpes wishes you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018. [+]

What the best lifting and weighing systems supplier should have

The best lifting and weighing supplier | Airpes
  Faced with a major project involving a handling system, a company looks for the best lifting equipment supplier. At Airpes we work hard to offer everything that a good supplier must have to c... [+]

New video of our electropermanent magnet for beam lifting

New video electropermanent magnet 00 | Airpes
Today we bring you a new video that shows how our permanent electromagnet works when lifting beams and moving them safely to another position. [+]
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