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We are your lifting equipment supplier


When you look for lifting equipment suppliers you want to find a company that understand your needs and your situation. At Airpes we work hard to design lifting equipment that not only works on point, but makes things much safer and easier.

We want to be your lifting equipment supplier in which you can trust. We design, manufacture and test all of our systems and equipment, making sure that everything works fine before putting it out to work properly.

This is how we can help you in your lifting projects

Working in many industries and sectors has given us the versatility to design special lifting equipment for any kind of situation, You can check all of our products, from the handling to the weighing systems, as well as Industrial Crane Radiocontrol.

We have successfully designed

Among many other lifting equipment. We know what we’re dealing with in every scenario and take good care of every step in the project: from the design, the manufacturing and testing of this equipment. Our priority is the worker’s safety, as well as the efficiency of a job well done. This, and our decades of experience makes us one of the best lifting equipment suppliers in the world.


Trust Airpes, your lifting equipment supplier

We at Airpes are your lifting equipment supplier. You can trust in us, we will study your case, analyze all the facts and offer you the best lifting equipment for you, that will help you grow, save time and money into an efficient project.

If you want to know more about us you can check our on demand solutions, full of special lifting equipment for our customers, and if you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us.