Quality Policy, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 45001:2018


AIRPES, S.L. is an organization dedicated to Design, manufacture and marketing of handling equipment, weighing systems and load limitation in the headquarters of Spain and Commercialization of Lifting, Weighing and Loading Equipment in the headquarters of China, working mainly wind industry and lifting sectors.


Within the context in which AIRPES is located and considering the needs and expectations of stakeholders, the organization is committed to:

  • ensure continuous performance improvement in processes management, occupational safety and health and customer service.
  • comply with applicable requirements, including legal ones, stakeholder requirements and others that the organization subscribes related to its significant environmental aspects and its hazards to occupational safety and health;
  • ensure environmental protection during the performance of its activities in order to achieve as far as possible pollution prevention, especially regarding resources sustainable use and the waste recovery to avoid its disposal;
  • provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and deterioration of health;
  • eliminate hazards and reduce OSH risks;
  • provide mechanisms for consultation and participation of workers and their representatives.


Currently the main organization objective is to provide a comprehensive service to the customer and to be able to supply quality products according to their requirements. Therefore, AIRPES Management establishes as main strategies:

1.- Achieve continuous improvement of customer service through the following actions:

  • the management of organization risks and opportunities through the implementation of corrective or improvement actions for their control / exploitation respectively;
  • the customization of equipment to the customer to meet their needs and the provision of an integral service that includes the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of the equipment;
  • the improvement in product quality, implementing a product quality control protocol in all production phases.


2.- Achieve the objective of the Business Plan and the Strategic Plan of the company through:

  • the creation of a base for new customers in Asia and Australia at the headquarters in China;
  • the implementation of a robust and reliable cloud-based system to facilitate access covering the security of our documentation.


3- Achieve the growth and sustainability of the organization under the prism of pollution prevention by:

  • internationalization in the wind sector.
  • the introduction of a new production machine to increase productivity in laser engraving of parts.
  • the correct management of environmental aspects to minimize the impact on the environment of the activities.
  • The use of products more respectful of the environment and the health of workers.


4-  Encourage respect for applicable SSL requirements  by:

  • coordination of business activities with customers and suppliers;
  • the prevention of incidents, through implementation of appropriate measures;
  • the participation, information, training and consultation of all staff, including external workers working on the premises, in order to maintain an adequate level of prevention in the company;
  • health surveillance to ensure that staff are in an adequate state of health for the performance of their duties.


This policy serves as a frame of reference for the establishment of the objectives of the System. AIRPES will communicate it to all its staff and it is available to relevant stakeholders.


Sabadell, 10 January 2022                                                           

AIRPES Management