Electromagnet supply

Electromagnet supply for steel company in Spain


Rail Slider is a transit management company for Steel products. Located in Port Bou, Spain, they are long time Airpes’ customers, which has been supplying them handling systems for the last decade.

In 2013 they started to offer transit services for packages between 6 and 24 meters long . The conditions in their facilities were not optimal for productivity and safety, so they needed new equipment.

Electromagnet supply

Airpes provided two sets of high-powered electromagnets, ready to be installed in each one of the two 32 t. cranes on the ground. These systems are able to handle packages up to 14 m. long and 5 t. load each.

The official Airpes’ distributor on the area (Girona Elevació), conducted the suitability of the cranes so they could work on Slave / Master mode.

The following systems were used:

Airpes’ Eagle
The Eagle systems installed control the overlad and all safety points even when working in Slave / Master mode.
Also, they control the SWP and the weight information at all times.

The new series of Autec remotes
It has up to 32 moves and a monitoring of all safety functions on the same transmitter.
The 32 moves available on the Autec remote controls allow the crane operator to use each one of the cranes with all handling equipment that the customer has on the ground (Lifting beams, coil tongs, magnets etc.).

  • Security follows the European standards.
  • Production is multiplied by 5 and there is no risk of damaging the product as previously to the solution when it was manipulated with chains.

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