Worldwide overhead crane company on-demand project: special lifting devices for coil manipulation and weighing control

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Control the maximum load capacity with Airpes' weight limiters

In order to lifting weights safely you have to consider the maximum load capacity of the equipment. Learn how electronic weight limiters can help you.

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Transfer Cart on Rails

Although wheeled transfer carts exist, the rail-mounted version of a transfer cart is perfect for transporting large, heavy and delicate objects (in the order of tens of tonnes and even more)

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How are tunnels built? The advantages of using tunnel lining segments

Discover how are tunnels built, and the Airpes devices designed for lifting the tunnel lining segments, like the tunnel concrete segment tong.

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The Lift Director’s Role in Safe Crane Operations

A lift director must be dependable and reliable with the work experience needed to guarantee safe lifting and rigging operations.

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Airpes test bench

Test bench for lifting equipment | Airpes | 00

Airpes’ Test Bench will allow you to simulate a real operation and find out everything you need to know about your heavy lifting equipment in just a few minutes [+]


Heavy lifting equipment provider working worldwide with a global network of official dealers. We provide personal service and the most accurate attention to your devices.

Airpes is a leader in handling and heavy lifting equipment, weighing systems and engineering solutions


Handling equipment | Airpes | 00

airpes® has a proud history of providing handling solutions to cranes and industries worldwide. Lifting beams, hooks, lifting tongs, lifting magnets[+]


Weighing equipment | Airpes | 00

airpes® has a remarkable offering of standard and custom weighing solutions. We develop and supply snatch hooks, limiters, load cells, displays… [+]

Engineering – Taylor Made Solutions

Taylor made products for lifting equipment | Airpes | 00

We combine our designers’ expertise in functional safety, firmware, mechanical design and testing on our product development process for designing personalised devices. [+]

Lifting equipment customers

airpes® is established as a lifting equipment supplier all over Europe, with an increasing presence in America and Australia.

airpes® has a distribution network in more than 18 countries with a highly qualified team. We work on gantry, ground, overhead, truck cranes…

The smart and safe way to lift

Eagle is the brain to all industrial cranes.

Our brand new product Eagle is an electronic limiter with multioverload protection, safety control, multi anticollision system and with wireless connection with our Black Box smartphone app. The perfect device for a perfect job.

Certifications in handling & weighing

airpes® is constantly improving its designs, manufacturing, marketing and QC processes in every project.

The quality of these processes qualifies airpes® to obtain UNE-EN, ISO9001 by the prestigious German Quality Control Organization TUV.

Personalised Solutions

airpes® can adapt the equipment to any existing crane installation. Hoists and machinery will be personalised to every customer needs. Construction, automotive, wind energy…

Clients Worldwide

We can work in any country across the world through a extense network of partners on 4 continents. Contact us to request further information.

25 year experience

airpes® has been designing and engineering lifting solutions for more than 25 years. Trust us for any kind of project: petrochemical, hydraulic, transport… We will just do it.