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Airpes designs the best equipment for your overhead cranes

We design over head cranes 02 | Airpes
At Airpes we are experts in weighing, handling and lifting. We work hard to make your job easier, designing, manufacturing and testing the best equipment for your overhead cranes according to your nee... [+]

Material handling equipment cranes

elevation cable crane
In this article we describe how we can adapt any type of crane to perform any type of job. In Airpes we design and install many lifting systems [+]

How to choose a lifting equipment supplier

How to choose a lifting equipment supplier | Airpes
It is clearly important to choose the right lifting equipment supplier, one that takes into account your specific lifting equipment requirements and the individual installation environment. From Airpe... [+]

Airpes, your lifting equipment supplier

Lifting equipment supplier 00 | Airpes
At Airpes we work hard to design lifting equipment that not only works on point, but makes things much safer and easier. [+]

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018

Merry Christmas Happy New Year 2018 01 | Airpes
Airpes wishes you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018. [+]

TÜV certificates: quality in lifting and weighing systems

TÜV Certification 00 | Airpes
At Airpes, safety is the main objective of our work. For this reason, all products and systems designed by Airpes meet with the strictest safety and quality standards in the European Union. [+]

10 reasons to use a test bench for your lifting equipment

10 reasons to use a test bench 01 | Airpes
One of Airpes’ newest features is the Airpes’ test bench, ready to test your lifting equipment in a safe environment. Today we’re going to give you 10 reasons to give our test bench a try. [+]

Jörg Richter, new Managing Director of Airpes GmbH in Germany

Jörg Richter | Managing Director Airpes GmbH | Airpes
Today we are proud to announce that a new member joins the Airpes team: Jörg Ricther, the new Managing Director of Airpes GmbH, the German subsidiary of Airpes. [+]

We’re hiring: mechanical engineer designer job position

Airpes job offering engineer mechanical designer
At Airpes we are looking for a mechanical engineer designer for our company in Sabadell, Barcelona. It will design and cut handling industrial machinery in the field of lifting, weighing and renewable... [+]

Iván Martínez, Airpes’ new Technical Director

Ivan Martínez Technical Director Airpes
In Airpes we believe in a job well done. As experts in lifting, handling and weighing, our goal is to always offer the perfect solution to our customers with the best professionals. For this same reas... [+]
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