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Bridge Crane Designs

double rail bridge crane design
One of the most used and versatile crane designs -specially for indoor use- is the bridge crane, as known as overhead cranes. This type of crane can operate inside the operation room without taking sp... [+]

Gantry Crane: uses and variations

gantry crane
The gantry crane is a design of crane placed on a gantry structure or similar, with the whole structure designed to straddle above a space carrying the load or the object that needs to be moved. [+]

Rotating magnets lifting systems for Railsider Mediterráneo

Rotating magnets lifting systems for Railsider Mediterráneo | Airpes
MAGNET LIFTING SYSTEMS FOR ROLLS METAL TRANSPORTATION At Railsider Mediterráneo, Portbou, we produced a solution for handling wire rod coils thanks to two motorized rotating magnets with 2500 Kg SWL.... [+]

Transport piece TIP Frame Blade, shipping first units for our US client

Tip Frame Blade 00 | Siemens Gamesa | Airpes
We are now shipping to the US the first units of our transport piece TIP FRAME BLADE for our US client Siemens Gamesa. This is the first of 15 shipments we are readying for our clients. [+]

5 safety tips while using electromagnets

Safety tips permanent electromagnet | Airpes
Electromagnets help us to lift metal plates and transport them comfortably and quickly. Today we are going to review some safety tips for electromagnets. [+]

New video of our electropermanent magnet for beam lifting

New video electropermanent magnet 00 | Airpes
Today we bring you a new video that shows how our permanent electromagnet works when lifting beams and moving them safely to another position. [+]

Pictures of our electromagnet beam and AGV Car for Gestamp

PIctures lifting beam transfer car 00 | Airpes
One of our latest on demand solutions was the design, manufacturing and testing of two systems. They are an extensible electromagnet as well as a transfer car for Gestamp. [+]

Design of an electromagnet beam and an AGV Car for Gestamp

Electromagnet beam and AGV Car for Gestamp 01 | News | Airpes
  We’ve got a new on demand solution to talk about. North American Company Gestamp Wind Steel USA needs to lift Steel plates up to 55 feet long. Airpes is responsible of designing, manufact... [+]

Upender and gangway design for an Adwen offshore project

Offshore Project: upender and gangway | Adwen 07 | Airpes
Today we present you our last on demand solution, a useful upender or tilter and a gangway for an offshore project of the company Adwen. [+]

6 safety tips to handle a lifting beam

6 tips handling lifting beam 00 | Airpes
Today we bring you 6 safety tips to make sure that your lifting beam is working fine and that you and your company work in a safe environment. [+]
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