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We have designed a lifting system for wind turbine blades fro VESTAS

Moving wind turbine plates 07 | Lifting Equipment | VESTAS | Airpes
The latest on demand solution designed by Airpes has been for the company Vestas, with the design and manufacture of a lifting system for moving wind turbine blades. [+]

New on demand solution, blade counterweight tool for Haliade 150 Offshore

Blade Counterweight Tool Offshore 04 | On Demand Solution | Airpes
It is a pleasure to present you our latest on demand solution: an offshore project we are very proud of and that has been highly successful. [+]

Rotator for the wind sector in Brazil

Rotator for the wind sector | On demand solution | Airpes
Today we want to show you one of Airpes’ on demand solutions that include a rotator and nacelles. A project in which we designed, manufactured and installed the rotator, while handling and elevating... [+]

Handling and transport of nacelles in WTG towers

Nacelles Wind Sector | News | Airpes
Airpes, as a lifting, handling and weighing specialist, designed a taylor made solution modifying a nacelle lifting beam for the wind sector. [+]
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