Handling Projects

Transfer Cart on Rails

How to choose a lifting equipment supplier | Airpes
Although wheeled transfer carts exist, the rail-mounted version of a transfer cart is perfect for transporting large, heavy and delicate objects (in the order of tens of tonnes and even more) [+]

How are tunnels built? The advantages of using tunnel lining segments

How are tunnels build? - Airpes
Discover how are tunnels built, and the Airpes devices designed for lifting the tunnel lining segments, like the tunnel concrete segment tong. [+]

How to select material handling equipment?

Crane Deflection Limits | Airpes
Discover how to choose the most suitable and efficient material handling equipment for your company for safe, quick and efficient work. [+]

Types of coil handling devices

Types of coil handling devices
Discover the different types of coil handling devices you can use for handling or lifting any type of coil: metal coils, paper coils, wire coils... [+]

C-Hook for lifting metal coils

C-hook for lifting metal coins
Airpes is the undisputed world leader in the design of C-Hooks, other lifting hooks and industrial lifting systems. In this article we will describe the types of metal coils that exist and that C-Hook... [+]

Lifting tongs design

102 tons capacity scissor lifting tong
In this article we describe you how Airpes' lifting tongs designs are engineered to safely grab and lift a wide variety of materials and objects from any of the existing crane. [+]

Hook block assembly

hook block assembly
Hook pulleys and snatch blocks are two of the most widely used systems for multiplying the force of a lift motor. [+]

Vacuum sheet lifters

Airpes | Vacuum sheet lifters
In this article you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of Airpes vacuum sheet lifters for handling different materials. [+]

Lifting Magnet Safety Rules

Electromagnet beam 01 | Handling | Airpes
What rules do we have to follow for operating a lifting magnet safely? In this article we will describe some of tthis active and passive safety rules. [+]
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