Offshore Project: upender and gangway | Adwen

Initial situation

Offshore Company Adwen needed equipment to assemble a part of the JV8-170 or JV8-180 wind turbine, also known as MSA. This MSA is composed of two parts: the hollow shaft and the bearing housing structure.

Airpes is in charge of the design of the tilter and the gangway responsible for assembling the MSA parts.

Airpes' solutions

The assembly process with the turner

The MSA assembly process comes in two phases:


  • Turning of the bearing housings

The bearing housings are supported on the upender’s structure horizontally, then vertically and finally the bearings are installed.

It is removed from the tilter by a crane and re-installed horizontally and upside-down on the upender, at 180 °.

It is required to repeat the process to install the bearings on that side.


  • Hollow shaft

The hollow shaft is installed horizontally and is lifted with the help of the upender at 90º.

Finally, the bearing housing is inserted into the hollow shaft and assembled.

At the end of these operations, it is necessary to return to the horizontal position to completely assemble the drive train.


The benefits of an upender and a gangway on an offshore project

The gangway that surrounds the turner is designed to be able to assemble all the parts of the wind turbine drive train at ground level, so that it can be used as a work table.

Once the assembly operations of the parts that make up the MSA have been carried out vertically, the rest of the assembly is carried out horizontally, with the following realization of sub-structures: coupler, multiplier and finally, the generator.