Offshore Project: Nacelle lifting beam | Adwen

Initial situation

Offshore Company Adwen needs a brand new nacelle lifting toolkit and lifting equipment. Airpes is responsable for its design and manufacture.

Airpes' solutions

Nacelle lifting beam

This tool consists of a main beam of a circular section of steel tube (1) with two trunnions (2) attached to each side. Additionally, there is a beam attached perpendicular to the main beam whose function is to help guide the tool during hoisting maneuvers.

The hoisting is done with a synthetic set of slings (4) that connect both the tool and the nacelle AD8. Both main beam and trunnions that are attached to it, are designed to accept aluminum wedges (figure 2) that allow adjusting the tool’s longitudinal and transverse angle.

Additionally, there are two rear supports (5) with sliding pins which allow fast hooking and release of the slings with the rear part of the nacelle AD8.

Adwen Nacelles 00 | On Demand | Airpes


The reason behind this tool's design

The tool was designed for the full nacelle’s lifting (once the transmission tree is installed) in the 600t. ADWEN 8 MW generators.

Adwen Nacelles 09 | On Demand | Airpes