Lifting equipment for moving wind turbine blades | VESTAS

Initial situation

Transporting wind turbine blades
The company VESTAS works with wind turbine blades and is preparing various shipments.

In order to improve the productivity and efficiency of those shipments, they require a renewed lifting equipment.


Why do they need a new lifting equipment

The customer has a reachstacker type forklift with 30 t capacity. The blades are produced in the plant, but their preparation is carried out outside this area outdoors.

They are currently working with two automatic cranes and the main drawback is the rent cost.

Airpes' solutions

The design and manufacture of the lifting equipment

Airpes is responsible for the design and construction of the lifting equipment and turning equipment for VESTAS.

The proposal made by Airpes is a lattice type project. The lifting and turning actions are carried out by 4 adjustable winches installed aboard the lattice.

The lifting equipment’s control is electrohydraulic and is fully integrated to the reachstacker commands.

The device joins the reachstacker by a twistlocks system.


Features of the lifting equipment

The lifting equipment has a touch screen installed in the cockpit to control all security elements:

* Angle

* Wind load information

* Signal video cameras

* And others


Results of the design of this lifting equipment

The design and manufacture of this lifting equipment has been carried out correctly and the client VESTAS is satisfied with the results, improving their productivity to move the wind turbines while preparing them for shipping.


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