Lifting tongs design

Have you ever wondered how weight lifting equipment is designed? Each type of lifting equipment has to fulfill specific needs that we must take into consideration when manufacturing them. Get to know the details behind the design of lifting tongs. Enjoy!

Design is key for weight lifting equipment performance

Airpes’ lifting tongs designs are engineered to safely grab and lift a wide variety of materials and objects from any of the existing crane configurations. Lifting tongs can be used in a variety of applications, whether for a generic or specific job.

The two types of Lifting Tongs Design

Each client has different needs, infrastructures and work methodologies and therefore we must adapt each lifting tong design to the work that the tong must perform.

Depending on the type of object to be lifted, we must also opt for one type of grip or another.

In general there are two types of lifting clamps:

  1. The lifting clamps for coils
  2. The scissor lifting tongs

In the case of these second ones, the design can change substantially from one product to another. Let’s see some of the different types of lifting tongs that we design in Airpes.

Coil Lifting Tongs

This is a lifting tongs design with mechanized opening designed to handle coils of different types of material. They are also called vertical coil tongs.

Scissor or pressure lifting tongs

The scissor lifting tongs close the load by applying pressure. The type and shape of the clamp can be different depending on the use we are going to give to the tong.

Some Scissor Lifting Tongs Predesigns

Each one of Airpes’ scissors lifting tongs goes through a previous design process in which all the critical variables are taken into account so that the performance of the machine is the most adequate and adapted to each client.

Sub-types of scissor lifting tongs

The scissor lifting tongs can be personalised in many ways. The following are the most common examples of scissor lifting tongs designs:

Rounded Closure

Perfect for handling pipes or materials with rounded profiles, such as logs.

Lateral closure

The load is held by the lateral pressure of the clamp. They are used for lifting plates, bars and beams of steel and other materials.

Electric/hydraulic closure

The clamps are closed mechanically, either electrically or electrically/hydraulically.

Scalable designs

Any type of lifting tongs design can be scaled in lifting capacity. The only limit is the lifting capacity of the crane where the tong is going to be installed and other factors such as the headroom in the case of the clamp working in indoor spaces.

We can design lifting clamps with capacity to lift small weights such as several tons to scissor clamps that allow handling up to more than 100 tons of material in a single lift.

Another great advantage of the lifting tongss is that being a relatively simple mechanism they require less maintenance than other products and can work in environments with dust, humidity and/or high temperatures without problem.

Any crane and any desired configuration: