Integral solution for the installation and maintenance of wind turbine blades

Integral solution for the installation and maintenance of wind turbine blades - Airpes

Calculating the center of gravity of a blade at height is not simple. That makes the maintenance of this wind turbine element a complex operation. At Airpes, we can adapt our Yoke Blade Clamps with a kit designed to become service tools. With this integral solution, you can perform this calculation in a reliable and safe way, with total stability. Discover all their advantages.

The advantages of using Yoke Blade Clamps as service equipment

Adapting Yoke Blade Clamps with our service kit has these advantages:

  • Reduce costs by using equipment you have used for the installation of the wind farm for maintenance operations.
  • You only need one guide instead of two.
  • Installing and maintaining your wind farm become easier, faster, and safer.

What is included in this wind turbine service kit?

Converting a Yoke Blade Clamp into a service tool is very simple. The kit includes:

  • Cameras
  • Telemeter
  • Monitoring of all safety elements of the Yoke Blade Clamp on the remote control of operations through data feedback (DFB) display

These elements are added to the Yoke Blade Clamp to allow new uses.

How to use Airpes Yoke Blade Clamp for maintenance?

Imagine that a blade of one of your wind turbines has broken. With an Airpes Yoke Blade Clamp adapted with the service kit you can easily repair it.

Calculating the center of gravity at height is more complicated than doing it from the ground. With the Yoke Blade Clamp adapted for service, the telemeter and cameras measure the distance between the hub and the clamp, and allow you to find the blade’s center of gravity in a safe and stable way, even at height.

Watch how a Yoke Blade Clamp with the service kit works in this video:

With the help of a tagline system, the Yoke Blade Clamp is always stable during the approach of the blade or the clamping maneuver.

If the angle is displaced, the monitoring system and lights warn you of a possible misalignment of the clamp and the blade’s center of gravity. If this happens, the upper lifting point allows a hydraulic alignment, as you can see on the second 56 of the video.

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Airpes is your equipment supplier for the installation and maintenance of your wind farms

Airpes has already delivered more than 100 Yoke Blade Clamp worldwide.

We design and manufacture tools for special lifting, installation, and transport tasks for the wind energy industry. We develop on demand solutions adapted to the needs of your project.