Types of lifting tongs

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Types of lifting tongs for your company

Lifting tongs have multiple applications, whether generic or specific jobs.

Choosing the type of lifting tong that will help you in your work can be a complicated task. Therefore, at Crosby Airpes, we want to bring you all possible models, so that you can simplify the process.

CITA: Each lifting tong is engineered to meet specific requirements, ensuring safety, efficiency, and reliability in material handling tasks. The choice of lifting tongs depends on the specific application, material properties, and the environment in which they will be used.

8 types of lifting tongs

  1. Scissors tongs: These tongs operate on a scissor mechanism, where two levers are connected in a cross pattern. They are commonly used for lifting and moving round objects like pipes, tubes, and rolls. The gripping force increases as the load gets heavier, which ensures a secure grip.
  2. Pallet Lifting tongs: Designed specifically for lifting pallets, these tongs can slide underneath the pallet and grip it from the sides or from underneath, making it easier to move pallets without the need for a forklift.
  3. Drum Lifting tongs: These are used for handling industrial drums. They can grip the drum either from the top, the sides, or underneath, depending on the design. Drum lifting tongs are essential in chemical plants, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses.
  4. Sheet Lifting tongs: These are used for handling sheet materials such as metal plates, glass, or plywood. The design ensures that the sheets are held firmly without bending or damaging the edges.

Types of lifting tongs related to materials they will lift

  1. Billet Lifting tongs: Billet tongs are designed to lift and transport billets, which are long bars of metal. These tongs can handle high temperatures and heavy loads, making them ideal for use in steel mills and forging plants.
  2. Slab Lifting tongs: Slab tongs are used for lifting and moving large, flat pieces of materials like steel slabs or marble slabs. They are designed to distribute the weight evenly and prevent damage to the material.
  3. Log Lifting tongs: These tongs are used in the logging and timber industry to lift and move logs. They can grip the log securely without causing significant damage to the wood.
  4. Beam Lifting tongs: Beam tongs are designed for lifting and positioning structural beams, often used in construction and building maintenance. They provide a secure grip on the beam, allowing it to be positioned with precision.

The two principal types of lifting tongs

Each client has different needs, infrastructures, and work methodologies, and therefore we must adapt each lifting tong design to the work that the tong must perform.

At Crosby Airpes, we must also opt for one type of grip or another, depending on the type of object to lift.

In general, there are two types of lifting clamps:

  1. The lifting clamps for coils
  2. The scissor lifting tongs

In the case of these second ones, the design can change substantially from one product to another. Let’s see some of the different lifting tongs we design in Crosby Airpes.

Coil Lifting Tongs

Coil lifting tongs are lifting tongs designed with a mechanized opening to handle different types of material coils. They are also called vertical coil tongs.

Vertical coil tongs offer significant benefits for handling operations, including enhanced safety through a secure grip that minimizes accident risks, increased operational efficiency with quick loading and unloading capabilities, and damage prevention to preserve coil integrity. Their adjustability and versatility make them suitable for a wide range of sizes and weights, addressing various application needs.

Additionally, their design facilitates space optimization by enabling vertical maneuvering and storage, making them an essential tool in environments where space is at a premium and safety and efficiency are paramount. Do you think you need this solution? We can talk about it.

Scissor or pressure lifting tongs

The scissor lifting tongs close the load by applying pressure. The type and shape of the clamp can be different depending on the use we are going to give to the tong.

Crosby Airpes’ scissors lifting tongs go through a previous design process. All the critical variables are considered so that the machine’s performance is the most suitable and adapted to each client.

Sub-types of scissor lifting tongs

The scissor lifting tongs can be personalized in many ways. The following are the most common examples of scissor lifting tongs designs:

  • Rounded Closure: perfect for handling pipes or materials with rounded profiles, such as logs.
  • Lateral closure: the lateral pressure of the clamp holds the load. This type of scissor lifting tongs is used for lifting plates, bars, and beams of steel and other materials.
  • Electric/hydraulic closure: thhe clamps are closed mechanically, either electrically or electrically/hydraulically.


Crosby Airpes help you with your specific type of lifting tongs

At Crosby Airpes, we are specialists in lifting equipment at all levels.

Each model of our lifting tongs can be customized to match with your needs and solve everything that concerns you.

Do you have specific needs? We adapt to them with our on-demand solutions.