On demand solutions

On demand Solutions

Airpes®, company dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of weighing systems and handling devices. We have dedicated all our efforts in achieving high quality products, directed to the demanding industrial world, and more especially to the measurement and control of loads to be lifted. This is guaranteed by over 25 years of experience of the human resources of airpes®.

Airpes’ commitment to its clients is reflected in a personalized project, according to their needs. Taylor made solutions play a pivotal part in our job with a common goal: solve your situation in the handling and weighing fields.

All Airpes® products fullfil the most demanding regulations of security and quality of the European Union, also having the processes of design, manufacture and marketing certified in UNEEN ISO 9001: 2000 by the prestigious German organization TÜV.

Offshore Project: Nacelle lifting beam | Adwen

Adwen Nacelles 01 | On Demand | Airpes
Offshore Company Adwen needs a brand new nacelle lifting toolkit and lifting equipment. Airpes is responsable for its design and manufacture. [+]

Electromagnet beam and AGV Car | GESTAMP

Electromagnet beam and AGV Car for Gestamp 00 | On demand solution | Airpes
North American Company Gestamp Wind Steel USA needs to lift Steel plates up to 55 feet long. [+]

Offshore Project: upender and gangway | Adwen

Offshore Project: upender and gangway | Adwen 02 | Airpes
Offshore Company Adwen needed equipment to assemble a part of the JV8-170 or JV8-180 wind turbine, also known as MSA. [+]

Lifting equipment for moving wind turbine blades | VESTAS

Moving wind turbine plates 04 | Lifting Equipment | VESTAS | Airpes
Transporting wind turbine blades The company VESTAS works with wind turbine blades and is preparing various shipments. In order to improve the productivity and efficiency of those shipments, they ... [+]

Blade counterweight tool for Haliade 150 Offshore | Airpes

Blade Counterweight Tool Offshore 01 | On Demand Solution | Airpes
The current On demand solution we present is a project operated by Airpes together with one of the main multinational companies on sustainable mobility and energy sector, ALSTOM/GE. Airpes, as the lif... [+]

Two automatic tongs for German company Becker Stahl-Service

Packet Tongs | On Demand Solution | Airpes
Requested by Airpes’ customer Becker Stahl-Service to manufacture 2 units of full automatic Packet-Tongs, up to SWL 7,5t. They have to be able to achieve the efficiency and delivery times for whi... [+]

Hot bar manipulator for german company ISM

On demand solution | Bar manipulator for ISM | Airpes
Our friend and customer ISM GmbH contacted us in order to tell us that they needed a Bar manipulator for hot bars up to 450º and up to SWL 31t. Our customer had already designed and manufactured a... [+]

Rotation of a 175 T. generator with rotator lifting beams

Generator transport | On Demand Solutions | Airpes
A major multinational company needs to rotate a 175 T. generator. This generator must be flipped and inserted into a test bench in its axis position. The client has two 100 t. cranes. It’s a co... [+]

Electromagnet supply for Steel company in Spain

On demand solution | Electromagnets, Autec remote control and eagle
Rail Slider is a transit management company for Steel products. Located in Port Bou, Spain, they are long time Airpes’ customers, which has been supplying them handling systems for the last decade. ... [+]

Handling & weighing equipment for Bahru Stainless

Bahru Stainless | On Demand | Airpes
Bahru Stainless is part of the Acerinox Group and a leader in the Annealing and pickling lines for hot and cold rolled coils. Involved in a large project since 2008, it has at last been build an i... [+]

Transport & Lifting system with ATEX protection for spanish company Repsol

ATEX protection handling and lifting | Airpes Lifting Equipment
Repsol requires a load lifting and transporting equipment up to 4 t. to operate inside its refinery facility located in Cartagena (Spain). It is a high explosive risk area. Repsol, the client, requ... [+]


Weighing systems | On Demand Solutions | Airpes Lifting Equipment
Airpes, along with its Switzerland distributor, Hausherr, delivered a 60t handling and weighing system to the Swiss company BRUGG KABEL AG with 0.1% accuracy in weighing of wire coils. Project de... [+]

Handling Sector | Steel Plates Handling

On Demand Solutions Steel Plates Handling 01 | Lifting Equipment Airpes
Handling & Engineering Project for a UK Fabricator Airpes designed and manufactured 2 beams equipped with vacuum systems composed of 64 suction pads to ensure a correct positioning and grip for a ... [+]

Brazil – 2x50t rail transfer cars for wind turbine plate roll

Handling, lifting and weighing | Airpes
Design, manufacturing, testing and installation of a system composed by two independent cars with storage support. Initial situation description Extremely difficult transportation of the wind towe... [+]


On demand | Lifting & handling | Airpes
One of our oldest customers, ask us to manufacture a lifting beam. It is a lifting equipment that has to be able to lift one drive train and we able to lift and manipulate in different situations and ... [+]


On demand solutions case 4 | Lifting equipment Airpes
Design, manufacturing, testing of a coil transfer car, speed programmable. Initial situation description: The situation of the Coil Transfer System between different places of the factory was inef... [+]


On demand | Lifting & handling | Airpes
Description: The initial situation introduced an extremely complicated system and inefficient separation of the finished pieces at the end of the manufacturing process. Need to solve: Automatic... [+]

Wind Sector | Project for a Brazilian Wind Turbine Towers Manufacturer

On Demand Solution Case 2| Lifting Equipment Airpes
Today we present you a handling solutions for a Brazilian Wind Turbine Towers Manufacturer, for which Airpes designed, manufactured and installed a rotator up to 21.5t in conformance with OSHA and UL ... [+]

Wind Sector | Nacelles in WTG Towers

On Demand Solutions Nacelles WTG Towers 01 | Lifting Equipment Airpes
Airpes designed, manufactured, tested and installed a new hydraulic system that allows the beam to move ± 3º in the horizontal axis. Initial situation description: Difficulty in aligning the nac... [+]

Handling sector | Sailing Yacht & Motorboat engineering

On Demand Solutions Sailing Yacht Motorboat 02 | Lifting Equipment Airpes
Airpes designed, manufactured and supplied a new handling system to rotate the main body of yachts. Project Description: Handling & Engineering Project for Sailing Yacht & Motorboat Manufacturers ... [+]

Cuban Scrap Truck | Special Weighing System

On demand | Lifting & handling | Airpes
Load cell and mechanical limiter solution Design, manufacturing, testing and installation of a system composed by 4 sets of load cells with balls support and a mechanical limiter installed in the tru... [+]