Airpes® is a company dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of weighing systems and handling devices. We have dedicated all our efforts in achieving high quality products, directed to the demanding industrial world, and specially to the measurement and control of loads to be lifted. This is guaranteed by over 25 years of experience of the human resources of airpes®.

Among our most outstanding products in handling we present the lifting beam, the c-hook, the sheet lifter, the scissor tong, the permanent electromagnet or the transfer car, and many others.

All Airpes® products fullfil the most demanding regulations of security and quality of the European Union, also having the processes of design, manufacture and marketing certified in UNEEN ISO 9001: 2000 by the prestigious German organization TÜV.

Spreader Beam

Airpes spreader beams are the perfect solution if you need a lifting beam and you don't have a low headroom that limits the vertical movement of the crane. A spreader beam is put in the same category ... [+]

Rail Lifting Beam

rail lifting beam
Our rail spreader beam is a solution designed by Airpes to lift and handle train rails in an easy and quick way. Our rail lifting beam will help your company to move your rails in any environment. The... [+]

Turn Lifting Beam

Airpes | Handling & Weighing | Turn Lifting Beam Banner 07
Airpes designed a 20t. turn lifting beam with electro hydraulic capacity, specially designed for air transportation. A lifting beam is a fabricated beam which is suspended from a crane, hoist or forks... [+]

Lifting Beam

Lifting Beam, Handling Equipment | Lifting Equipment Airpes
Airpes offers many types of lifting beam designs, some of them are: fixed beams, H beams, moveable centre of gravity beams, hydraulic powered beams, spreader beams with levelling system or motorized r... [+]


C-Hook | Handling | Airpes Lifting Equipment
Get to know our C-hook, designed to meet every customer's specific requirements for load configuration, weight, lifting area and headroom. It can be adapted to any existing crane of any industry. Airp... [+]

Coil Lifting Tongs

Coil Tong, Handling Equipment | Lifting Equipment Airpes
Check out our vertical coil tongs, designed by our engineers to meet every customers' requests on mechanical features, electronic components, and the highest safety standards. Lifting tongs is one of ... [+]

Paper Coil Tong

Coil Tong 04 | Handling | Airpes
Handling big amounts of paper can be difficult. If you need to move paper rolls up to 5 tons, this handling equipment is made for you. At Airpes, we have designed, manufactured and tested a paper coi... [+]

Sheet Lifter

Sheet Lifter, Handling Equipment | Lifting Equipment Airpes
Discover our sheet lifter that provides fast and smooth leg adjustment and allows for additional force to be applied to the sides of the loads. It can be adapted to any crane or existing hook to handl... [+]

Scissor Lifting Tongs

Scissor lifting Tong, Handling Equipment | Lifting Equipment Airpes
Scissor lifting tongs are designed and manufactured by Airpes to lift and handle different types of loads. Our slab lifting tongs capture the load and lift it safely to wherever you need. Handle your ... [+]

Mesh Nippers

Mesh Nippers, Handling Equipment | Lifting Equipment Airpes
Find out more about Airpes’ Mesh Nippers, our best tool to ensure a perfect and safe lifting for your wire mesh loads during loading and unloading of the trucks. Your company will safe time and thus... [+]

Tunnel Concrete Segment Tong

Tunnel Concrete Tong, Handling Equipment, Lifting Equipment Airpes
Airpes keeps working hard to offer the safest way to work in the most delicate and precise handling and weighing projects. Fulfilling Airpes’ commitment with innovation and safety, we deliver a spec... [+]

Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet

electro permanent lifting magnet
Take a look at our electro permanent lifting magnet that offers power and reliability. Our electro permanent lifting magnet has a modular system that allows increasing or decreasing the active modules... [+]

Lifting Electro Magnet

Electro Magnet, Handling Equipment, Lifting Equipment
We have the most interesting products in the industrial electromagnet field because we are in charge of the whole lifting electromagnet design, but also of its whole production and delivery. See an ex... [+]

Transfer Cart

Transfer Car, Handling Equipment | Lifting Equipment Airpes
At Airpes we design our own high-tech transfer carts for any kind of industrial facilities. We can manufacture every transfer cart in a custom way and according to our customers' specifications and re... [+]

Load Rotator

Rotator, Handling Equipment | Lifting Equipment Airpes
Get to know our high capacity electric powered rotators designed to turn all kinds of materials. It can be adapted to all type of hoists and cranes. Just lift the rotator from your hoist and it will s... [+]

Motorized Rotating Crane Block

On demand | Lifting & handling | Airpes
One of the most demanded applications is the motorization of the crane’s hook block (often called crane blocks or crane bottom blocks). Pulley configuration can be incorporated to enhance the liftin... [+]