Blade Counterweight Tool Offshore 01 | On Demand Solution | Airpes

Blade counterweight tool for Haliade 150 Offshore | Airpes

Initial situation

The current On demand solution we present is a project operated by Airpes together with one of the main multinational companies on sustainable mobility and energy sector, ALSTOM/GE. Airpes, as the lifting equipment supplier designed and manufactured a special tool at its HQs in strong coordination with our customer. The tool is known as Blade Counterweight Tool, a project for the Haliade 150 Offshore Blade.

This equipment is meant to work offshore, but, since it is yet to be definitely installed, the pictures of this on demand solution show the testing we made onshore. We hope you can get used to the idea.

Airpes' solutions

The Counterweight - HAL 150 is a counterweight tool designed to give enough torque to rotate the rotor of the Haliade 150 wind turbine (with one or two blades).

The counterweight tool is lifted by means of a crane and bolted to hub flange. The driving torque is provided by a counterweight located at the end of a boom.

The design of the counterweight tool takes into account the following items:

  • Fulfillment of specifications
  • Minimize shipment requirements and assembly time at site
  • Optimize weight of parts and size of actuators
  • Cost reduction

In late 2015, the counterweight tool was manufactured and tested in our facilities in Sabadell, Barcelona.

After all tests showed everything was running perfectly, the tool was sent and commissioned in Nantes in real work conditions with huge success.