Get to know our high capacity rotators designed to turn all kinds of materials. To achieve the rotating aim we use our air rotators while we take high care of the product through plastic protection or slings or vídeo cameras attached.


Airpes can produce a wide range of different rotators, adequate for any customer’s demand. We can supply stand rotators, air rotators, coil rotators, etc…

There is usually a strong debate on which method is the best to rotate bulky elements. From our experience, we know that inadequate resources or techniques employed to move, turn over and rotate materials can lead to workplace accidents and damage to the goods. Our recommendation is to opt for an equipment that guarantees the highest safety in the workplace.


The material being turned can be stopped at in any position.

Every rotator made by Airpes is designed according to customers’ needs. Those ususally depend on their specific industrial sector. We can manufacture rotators with high capacity to rotate all kinds of materials like tower segments for wind turbines or Nacelle’s with stand rotators, all kind of product by using our air rotators with using fix or moveable pulleys, taking extra care about the product to be rotated and protected with plastic protection or slings, video cameras to control the turning, etc…