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Airpes®, company dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of weighing systems and handling devices. We have dedicated all our efforts in achieving high quality products, directed to the demanding industrial world, and more especially to the measurement and control of loads to be lifted. This is guaranteed by over 25 years of experience of the human resources of airpes®.

Among our most oustanding products in weighing we present the hooks, the electronic limiters, the load cells, displays, transpallets, and many others.

All Airpes® products fullfil the most demanding regulations of security and quality of the European Union, also having the processes of design, manufacture and marketing certified in UNEEN ISO 9001: 2000 by the prestigious German organization TÜV.

Weighing Hooks

Hooks | Weighing | Airpes
Take a look at Airpes’ electronic digital crane hook scales, designed to be hanging of a crane block to control the weight of entering and leaving products, control storage, stock control, etc. Our... [+]

Hook Blocks

Snatch | Weighing | Airpes
Discover all of our Snatch Hook products, weighing systems ready to help you in your projects. Check out the hook block scale, a new lifting system that calculates the weight of the elevated load w... [+]


Display | Weighing | Airpes
Discover our display products: panels, repeaters, load indicators and macro-displays ready to work at different environments or structures. In the weighing, lifting and handling sector, owning the ri... [+]


Traspallets | Weighing | Airpes
The best pallet truck solves the continuous problems of load transport in any environment. At Airpes we have many transpallet products for you, including the electronic pallet truck ATE-100, suitable ... [+]

Electronic limiters

Electronic Limiters | Weighing | Airpes
Discover the best electronic limiters Electronic limiters are devices that control and protect overloading machines under operation. Any electrical failure or unforeseen can be controlled by these s... [+]

Mechanical limiters

Mechanical Limiter | Weighing | Airpes
Mechanical limiters are a safe and economical way to control lifting and handling equipment and overload. They are key elements in weighing, as mechanical limiters avoid possible problems or accidents... [+]

Load cells

Load Cells | Weighing | Airpes
Load cells are high precision sensors (a strain gauge system) used in almost every existing weighing system. Load cells have many applications and their main use is to capture and measure data involvi... [+]


Complements | Weighing | Airpes
Weighing equipment from Airpes can expand the experience and improve itself with a series of weighing complements presented below. Some of the weighing complements that we present are the modular p... [+]