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We are experts in handling

Handling is our thing. We like to take care of your load designing, manufacturing and testing our products so you’ll be able to lift and move everything you need. We dedicate all our efforts to the best handling and weighing products for the industrial world.

Today we want to talk about our handling products. They can lift your load and move it to wherever you need in the safest possible way. All our products, including the handling ones, fulfill the most strict regulations of the world.

Our handling products

Check out all of our handling products, one by one, so you can know a bit about them. If you want, you can click on each handling product to know more about it.

Lifting beam

Airpes’ lifting beams adapt themselves to the customer’s needs. Beams come in very different types: fixed beams, H beams, beams with a moveable centre of gravity… and many more that will improve the handling of your loads.


Our C-Hooks are a safe, efficient and quick way of handling your coils. C-Hooks are designed to meet the customer’s specific requirements in terms of load configuration, weight, lifting area and headroom.

Coil tong

We design and manufacture coil tongs listening to customers requests on mechanical features or electronic components. Our coil tongs work in the steel, transport, automobile or appliance industry, among others.

Sheet lifter

This handling product provides fast and smooth leg adjustment and even allows for additional force to be applied on the sides of your loads. The sheet lifters are taylor made and our engineers and designers work closely to achieve a successful design.

Scissor tong

Airpes’ Scissor Tongs lift many types of loads, they are available in all sizes and capacities, you can also choose if you want it electrical or mechanical, and the scissor type is designed for one or two hooks.

Mesh nippers

Mesh nippers are a handling product perfect to use when there is only one operator, increasing productivity and safety in the warehouse.

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Tunnel concrete segment tong

When it comes to dig tunnels, Airpes is also there. We deliver a special tong to lift and move concrete segments in any part of the world, according to the customer’s request.

Permanent electromagnet

Airpes electropermanent magnet comes with a modular system that allows to lift or lower the modules according to your needs. And this handling system can work in multiple working conditions.

Electro magnet

Our handling products include the electro magnet. We design and manufacture the complete system, including power supply and the electrical control box controlled by our electrical department.

Transfer car

You can choose to transfer your loads with Airpes’ transfer car, which can be prepared to be used in different spaces, like rails, or having their own autonomous batteries.


One of our handling products are the many rotators we have designed for our clients: stand rotators, air rotators, coil rotators… Also, the material being turned can be stopped at in any position.

Motorized rotating crane block

Since the motorization of the crane’s hook block is one of our most demanded applications, we offer this handling solution which can include different configurations.

The best handling products at Airpes

At Airpes we work hard to provide the best handling products to make your job easier and much safer. Contact us, request a quote and together we will find the best solution to your needs.

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