Mesh Nippers


Find out more about Airpes’ Mesh Nippers, our best tool to ensure a perfect and safe lifting for your wire mesh loads during loading and unloading of the trucks. Your company will safe time and thus, increase the productivity of the warehouse.

This efficient tool provides to the user a safe way to manipulate the loads with only one operator, and increase the productivity of the warehouse.


Airpes Mesh Nippers are made in the basis to ensure a perfect and safe load and to save time in the operation of load and unload the trucks. We can adapt the equipment to lift wire mesh loads of different weights and characteristics by increasing its capacity or changing the number of clamps to lift the load.

The mesh nippers can also be manufactured with rotation head to place the product in the warehouse and saving space.

Airpes designers will give the best solutions according to capacities and dimensions requested by the client.


Benefits of AirpesMesh Nippers

  • Perfect and safe load
  • Only one operator needed
  • Saving time
  • Increasing productivity
  • Customized design according to your needs