Lifting beam


Airpes offers all types of beams, like: fixed beams, H beams, moveable centre of gravity beams, hydraulic powered, with levelling system or motorized rotating beams.

A lifting beam is a key element when you know exactly which is the kind of load you want to handle. Airpes' lifting beams adapt themselves to the customer's needs and they offer excellent results, improving the handling of your loads.

Airpes has specialized in supply all kind of beams from the very simple to the most complex ones, from 1,5t up to 490t, for any kind of load and adapting them to the needs of the customer. Airpes® is your handling equipment supplier focused in lifting beams.


Our solutions include a wide range of possibilities: you can access to a complete overview of our handling equipment range. And, of course, we have deep expertise developing taylor made solutions.

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All the airpes® products fulfill the most demanding regulations of security and quality of the European Union, also having the processes of design, manufacture and marketing certified in UNEEN ISO 9001: 2000 by the prestigious German organization TÜV.


Airpes offers all type of lifting beams, like

  • Fixed lifting beams
  • H lifting beams
  • Moveable centre of gravity lifting beams
  • Hydraulic powered lifting beams
  • Lifting beams with levelling system
  • Motorized rotating lifting beams.

Automatic control and working systems installed in automatic cranes.


Airpes has manufactured special lifting beams for all kind of different applications, and sectors like: renewable energy sources (specially wind turbines, nacelle’s, rotors, blades etc.) all kind of different beams for industrial applications: steel mills, paper mills, aeronautics and aero spatial facilities and solar energy (Thermo solar plants).