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Check out our coil tongs, designed by our engineers to meet our customers' requests on mechanical features, electronic components, and the highest safety standards.

Airpes' coil tongs are the most efficient and safe way to handle your big coils. We can design a solution that fits your needs, adapting the coil tong to your situation.


Coil tongs at your request

Airpes designs and manufactures coil tongs for the most demanding customers all over the world. Airpes engineers can design and adapt coil tongs to meet our customers’ requests regarding mechanical features, electronic components, and as always meeting the highest of safety standards.

Airpes’ coil tong features

* Certificated according to Directive 2006/42/CE (that replaced Directive 98/37/CE)

* Using laser cut plates, in S355 J2+N steel, steel tubes quality S355J2H hot rolled according EN-10210.

* Incorporating electronic components, like frequency drives, PLC’s, Wi-Fi, GSM modem for communication among other components and with Airpes technicians, from leading brands easy to find as spare parts all over the world.

* Integrating of coil’s optional rotating system in the vertical axis and weighing Systems.

* Standard equipment: Frequency variator for each engine, and a programmable PLC with a software that allows its complete control”.

* Special lighting system on board, to indicate progress and status from the coil tong.


Our coil tongs also include

Coil Tong 04 | Handling | Airpes


* Rotating head

* Weighing System

* Load transmission to Crane display/Computer

* Automation working system

* Wi-Fi/Radio/Provirus

* Foldable Feet



Coil tongs and their sectors

Coil Tongs work perfectly in the steel sector, transport, the automobile or appliance industry, among many others.

Our solutions include a wide range of possibilities: you can access to a complete overview of our handling equipment range. And, of course, we have deep expertise developing taylor made solutions.

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All the airpes® products fulfill the most demanding regulations of security and quality of the European Union, also having the processes of design, manufacture and marketing certified in UNEEN ISO 9001: 2000 by the prestigious German organization TÜV.