Transfer Car


At Airpes we design our own high-tech transfer cars for all kind of industries. We can manufacture them according to our customers' specifications.

For example, we can prepare them to be used in rails, with autonomous batteries, 4x4 traction, or for special ATEX applications.


Transfer cars for all industries

Airpes has designed transfer cars for all kind of industries. Our versatility to manufacture this vehicles is proven by our experience and adaptations can be made according to our clients’ needs and with clear commitment to meet them. Our equipment service offers:

  • Transporter using rails.
  • Autonomously powered by battery.
  • 4×4 traction.
  • Special design for ATEX Applications.
  • and many more.

Uses of heavy load transporters

Heavy load transporters are mainly used to solve maneuverability problems in tight spaces. Due to all possible steering programs, on either one or different axles, you can achieve tight turn radius. The propulsion of our vehicles can be either electric (for in-plant load transports) or diesel (for long distances).

This type of transporters might have hydraulic elevation for palletized cargos in order to optimize space as much as possible.




Advantages of transfer car vehicles

These are the advantages included in using heavy duty transporters:

Low noise

  • It causes low noise level.

Maximum safety

  • Offers guarantee of maximum safety for operators and for the material handled. We really care about the safety of everyone involved in the job.

Easy to operate

  • These vehicles are easy to drive, so as soon as you get it you will be able to use it to transport your loads. At Airpes we will support you to make the best out of your heavy load transporter.


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The transfer car can be adjusted to your needs

Airpes can adjust the operation parameters of the vehicle by radio remote control systems, pendant buttons or automatic positioning system through push buttons.

Our designers increase the safety systems to ensure a safe working space and take extra care about it during the engineering process.