Design of a transport & lifting system with ATEX protection

Airpes designed a load lifting and transporting equipment up to 4 t. to operate inside Repsol’s refinery facility located in Cartagena (Spain). It must be known that it is a high explosive risk area and also there are large distances between work areas inside the plant itself.

The cart was built according to Airpes’ proposed solution, the APPLUS certification has validated our risk analysis and the construction of the machine so certification is given as satisfactory for the team to operate in areas ZONE I, CLASS I, IIB GROUP, T3.

Airpes installed a stand-alone cart with a crane. A latch system was equipped to free the turning and convection drives so it can be used as a trailer. This way, it can move throughout the plant extension without risk of depletting batteries.

Regarding to the operation, the client shows its satisfaction and welcomes the implantation of the equipment inside the plant.

Check out this video starring our ATEX protected transport & lifting system.


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