Sheet Lifter


Discover our sheet lifter that provides fast and smooth leg adjustment and allows for additional force to be applied to the sides of the loads.

Airpes helps you loading your sheets of any size. Our sheet lifter is a handling system ready to lift your load and handle it safely and efficiently. Contact us to know more about our sheet lifters and improve the handling of your loads.


What does the sheet lifter include?


Our sheet lifters provides the adjustment and force to lift your sheets.

We will work on an on demand solution designed for your company, according to your needs. And these are the features of the Airpes’ sheet lifter:

Sheet lifter’s features

  • * Hydraulic system
  • * Electro mechanic part (including PLC to assure good use and avoid damages)
  • * <b>Lights</b> are included up on the Device
  • * The product can be protected by extra plastic pads
  • * The customer can decide its dimensions
  • * Optional requirements.


Sheet lifters are handling systems that provide a fast and smooth adjustment of the sheets by laterally and uniformly transmitting the fastening forces.

On demand solutions for your sheet lifter

The lifters’ design is taylor-made: Airpes’ engineers and designers work closely with the clients to define each component details whether of an electromechanical sheet lifter or hydraulic, proposing the best on demand solution. We design every aspect of this lifting equipment with our customer and their needs in mind.

By using on board PLC’s we can ensure a smooth operation in order to avoid any damage on the product.


Our lifters are ready to work at any sector involving sheets, especially the sheet metal sector and the sheet metal industry.

Contact us for your new sheet lifter

Contact us at Airpes through the form, request a quote and we will help you to achieve your company’s goals the safest way.