Scissor Tong


Scissor tongs are designed and manufactured by Airpes to lift and handle different types of loads. These tongs capture the load and lift it safely to wherever you need.

We offer scissor tongs in all sizes and capacities, depending on your company's needs.
We also design mechanical or electrical scissor tongs. Take into account that there are different scissor tong designs depending on the number of hooks you have.

As optional, we can add rotation to the tong.

Airpes' scissor tongs

- In all sizes and capacities
- Mechanical or electrical
- Scissor type designed for one or two hooks


Airpes’ scissor tongs are manufactured and designed with the most stringent standards for heavy duty lifting.


Airpes can also design scissor tongs for hot slabs, with the ability to work in dusty environments, and easily maintainable.


The scissor tongs are specially designed for steel and aluminum slabs and all kind of sectors.