Motorized Rotating Crane Block


One of the most demanded applications is the motorization of the crane’s hook block (often called crane blocks or crane bottom blocks). Pulley configuration can be incorporated to enhance the lifting maneuver.


Sheave configuration, capacity, special control requirements and unique reeving patterns can be incorporated to improve your industrial lifting equipment operation. Airpes team will always work in the basis to make the motorized hook block as similar as the original one. Also it can be adapted, the motorization in the existing one, at customer’s request.


The motorization of the crane’s hook block allowing it to turn 360° permits the crane operator to use an overhead crane to position heavy or awkward loads in the most difficult work areas. Our crane bloc can include end switch límits so as to limit the rotation.

Our systems works with frequency drivers to ensure a smooth rotation. A very useful tool, as weighing system is, can also be added to the hook.