Radiocontrol | Lifting Equipment Airpes


Radiocontrol | Lifting Equipment Airpes
Radio remote controls for industrial cranes, lifting equipment, logistics and construction.

Since 1986 Autec has designed, manufactured and delivered wireless control systems specifically for safety applications. Innovative design, robustness and reliability have always been the hallmarks of our radio remote controls, which are used in countless applications: e.g. industrial overhead cranes, truck mounted and construction cranes, elevating work platforms for the lifting of material and personnel, construction and maintenance machinery, factory automation, and machines and systems for logistics and manufacturing processes.

We are an official Autec distributor since 2003 through our own worldwide network.

To check out the complete wireless control systems catalog you may visit Autec’s website. If you need any help and assistance for a new radio remote control system, contact us and request a quote, we will assist you and help you fin the best safety remote control for you.