Crosby Airpes brings you AUTEC SK8B: a compact-sized waist-held portable station

Crosby Airpes brings you AUTEC SK8B

Crosby Airpes, the official distributor of AUTEC in Spain and Portugal, brings you AUTEC’s SK8B portable station, now with the option to fit up to two linear joysticks.

AUTEC offers safe and reliable industrial radio remote control solutions perfect for working with the Crosby Airpes’ high-quality lifting and handling equipment. This new opportunity expands the possible applications of this portable station and proves, once more, AUTEC’s ability to respond to specific needs for your projects.

Features of the SK8B portable station

Reliable, light, compact: sidekick SK8B portable station in the Air series is a gem that AUTEC has improved with the option to fit up to two linear joysticks.

The super-light SK8B waist-held station offers different configuration options:


  • Up to 8 actuators.
  • Up to 6 actuators and a 1.8″ color display.
  • The new model with two linear joysticks and up to 4 actuators.


An external Lithium-ion battery powers the SK8B portable station, and it works with a dual-band 870 / 915 MHz radio with automatic research of a free channel in FHSS mode.

Features of the AUTEC SK8B portable station - Crosby Airpes

Strengths of the new AUTEC’s SK8B

The technical solutions adopted by AUTEC for the new SK8B can make a difference:


  • Safety of GSS/EMS/ATS stop functions classified up to PL e (EN ISO 13849-1).
  • Excellent operation autonomy (24 h without display – 10 h with display).
  • Slanted, ergonomic control panel.
  • Little weight: only 700 g.
  • Optional sensor cuts in when the station tilts, falls, crashes, or hits something.
  • IP 65 protection degrees against dust and water.
  • Mechanical protection of the actuators against accidental activation on all sides.
  • SK8B works with any base station equipped with an FHSS radio.

Technical information of the portable station SK8B

Technical information AUTEC SK8B - Crosby Airpes

Improve Crosby Airpes equipment with AUTEC portable stations

We can install AUTEC devices in any Crosby Airpes lifting solution, mobile or fixed machines from any sector (construction, material handling, intralogistics, steel sector, wind energy sector, etc.).


  • Vision systems
  • Function pushbuttons
  • Radio remote controllers
  • Hoist receivers


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