10 benefits of Airpes’ Transfer Car

Airpes’ Transfer Cars

At Airpes we design lifting, handling and weighing equipment with our customers’ needs and safety as a priority.

Today we want to talk about a very helpful product for all kind of industries, highly customizable and that facilitates your job in an efficient way. We talk about the Transfer Car, a key element if you are short of space but at the same time you need to move your loads from one place to another.

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Transfer Car benefits

To be sure of how necessary and important are our Transfer Cars, these are 10 of their main benefits:

1. Versatile Transfer Cars

At Airpes we design versatile Transfer Cars for all kinds of industries. We can move many types of materials with different shapes, at different speeds depending on the floor, level of security or the path where to transport your loads. We can also adapt to different conditions, like high loads or outdoor / indoor. Contact us, tell us your situation and together we’ll find a solution that meets your needs efficiently and safely.

2. Transfer Car by rail

Airpes can supply you a Transfer Car  to transport load on rails or on wheels, depending on your needs and what’s best for your project.

3. Move the load in tight spaces

The key of the Transfer Car is to be able to move the load in tight spaces and optimize the room available.

4. Small turning radius

With a small turning radius, it is quite easy to move your load and transport it wherever you need.

5. Electric or diesel

The propulsion can be electrical, in case you want to move your load within the plant, or diesel for long distances.

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6. Autonomous battery

The Transfer Car may come with its own battery to facilitate further work.

7. They are silent

The last thing you need is more noise in your company, so our Transfer Cars are not noisy while working.

8. Designed for ATEX applications

If you work near explosives, do not worry because the Transfer Car can be designed to work in areas of explosive hazard.

9. Safer

Safety is our priority and we offer maximum security for both operators and workers and also the material to be handled or moved. Our Transfer Cars are equipped with light and acoustic signals, stop sensors, etc. with controllable speed from our radiocontrol systems.

10. The best prices on Transfer Cars

Request a quote and together we will find a solution that fits your needs and your budget with maximum safety for your company and your employees.


Find your transfer car with AIRPES

If you need to carry a load and want the best service available, please contact us. We design on demand solutions to save time, effort and make your job much easier.

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