Get to know Airpes’ below the hook lifting devices

What is below the hook?

Having the right below the hook equipment for your business will show effective and efficient results in order to lift and weigh your loads. At Airpes we are specialists in below the hook equipment and we offer the best products and solutions to work below the hook with maximum safety, following all the regulations and streamlining the way you work.

Airpes manufactures below the hook devices

Airpes is responsible for manufacturing below the hook equipment and products like load limiters, displays, load cells, weighing hooks and other below the hook accessories. It also distributes radiocontrol commands, necessary for the proper use of the overhead cranes.

This type of crane is used in factories and industries to move loads. Below the hook equipment is needed for its proper use, and these cranes can move loads both horizontally and vertically. They consist of two parallel rails with a bridge that moves between them. The hoist, the lifting device of the crane, moves along the bridge between parallel taxiways.

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Our best below the hook products

Load limiters

They are below the hook devices that control and protect the overloaded equipment. They can be electronic or mechanical.


Displays quickly provide insight into the data on the weighing. Panels, repeaters, load indicators and macro displays are good examples.

Load cells

They are below the hook devices for weighing. They inform the user about the strength or weight in different conditions.

Crane scales

Electronic hooks facilitate the work below the hook. They are the perfect equipment to control entry and exit of the product, storage or stock checking, among other uses.

Below the hook complements

You can always include accesories like kits emission, modular printers or summing boxes to your below the hook equipment.


Remote control for industrial cranes, designed and manufactured by Autec, our radiocontrol provider. They are very useful for below the hook devices.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our below the hook products.


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