The perfect weighing system for your business

The perfect weighing system for your business

In the fast-paced and precision-demanding world of industrial operations, the role of weighing systems goes beyond mere measurement.

Weighing systems are the backbone of accurate inventory management, cost-effective shipping, and adherence to stringent safety and regulatory standards. From the rugged terrains of construction sites to the meticulous environments of manufacturing plants, weighing systems provide critical data that drive efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

This article will delve into the world of weighing systems, exploring their types, technologies, and the transformative impact they have on various industries.

Benefits and advantages of weighing systems

Are you thinking of improving your scale systems? Tahtś a great idea, you can enjoy benefits such as…

  • Accuracy: They provide precise weight measurements for heavy goods, which is critical for inventory management, shipping costs, and compliance with safety standards.
  • Safety: By allowing operators to weigh items without placing them on a scale on the ground, they help in reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.
  • Efficiency: Weighing systems save time by integrating the weighing process into the lifting and moving of goods, thus streamlining operations.
  • Durability: Designed for industrial environments, these scales are built to withstand heavy use, harsh conditions, and extreme weights.
  • Versatility: Many models offer additional features such as digital displays, remote controls, data logging, and wireless connectivity, making them adaptable to various industrial applications.

Crosby Airpes’ weighing systems

Weighing Hooks

Our hooks are weighing systems designed to hang from the crane and able to control the entrance and exit of products, as well as the storage, stock control and many more weighing options. Check out our electronic crane scale models AGM-180, AGP-100, AGE-120.


Airpes’ hook block scale is a new weighing system that calculates the weight of the elevated load while in motion, without having to move it to a steady weighing option. It can be adapted to any kind of crane and comes with a high level of precision. If you need a versatil weighing system, this is the choose one.


You want to see the data of your load clear and fast, so check out our display products ready for your weighing system: panels, repeaters, load indicators and macro-displays. They will give you plenty information on your load.


Acquiring a weighing system like the pallet truck solves the continuous problems of load transport in any environment. At Airpes you will find the electronic pallet truck ATE-100, suitable for weighing at any environment or industry.

Electronic limiters

Control and protect your overloading machines with our electronic limiters. These weighing devices control any electrical failure, monitor and record data concerning our lifting equipments and weighing systems. The last addition to our electronic limiters is Eagle.


Mechanical limiters

If look for a way to save money, check out the mechanical limiters. They are weighing systems that control the lifting equipment and its overload, avoiding possible failures or accidents. They are the mechanical limiters ALM/M 100 EX and ALM/M 100.

Load cells

Load cells are weighing systems that capture data to inform the user about the load’s strength or weight in different conditions. At Airpes we have load cells converters reading the analog signal, converting it to a weighing value and sending info via CANopen. This type of load cells save wiring costs. We also have load cells limiters in alloyed steel and anticorrosive treatment.


Our weighing systems work effectively with its complements. These complements can be controlled from any Airpes display or they can also be useful on their own, via cable or radio, with information available to print.

We offer radio emission kits, ready to be incorporated in some of the weighing equipment or the summing box, designed to connect 4, 6 or 8 load cells and adjusting the output of all of them to get the same response.

Crosby Airpes help you with the perfect lifting and handling solution

At Crosby Airpes, we help you to find your perfect weighing system.

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