7 benefits of the electronic limiters for your company

Benefits of the electronic limiters - Crosby Airpes

Crosby Airpes’ electronic limiters


Among our weighing systems, some of our well-known products are electronic limiters. These devices have many benefits for your work and projects, improving your safety and knowledge about everything that is going on once you’ve started.

7 benefits of the electronic limiters

In this article we are going to talk about the benefits of electronic limiters that make your job and operations with lifting equipment much easier.

Crosby Airpes’ electronic limiters they can significantly elevate safety, productivity, and overall performance in diverse industrial settings.

They control machines under operation increasing safety

The main feature of electronic load limiters is that they have the ability to control the machines and protect them while you’re using it.

Our electronic limiters are designed with advanced safety features to prevent accidents and protect both personnel and equipment. The limiters employ real-time monitoring and intelligent control systems to ensure that material handling processes stay within predefined safe parameters, mitigating the risk of overloading and potential hazards.

Electronic limiters check and control electrical failures remotely

In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, remote monitoring and control are essential. Electronic limiters are also silent watchers of everything that is happening. Thus, if an electrical failure occurs, the device will detect it and inform you right away.

Our Electronic Limiters can be equipped with remote monitoring capabilities, enabling operators to monitor material handling processes from a centralized location. This remote control feature allows for immediate intervention and adjustments, optimizing productivity and reducing response times in critical situations.

They monitor data of your project

In addition, they monitor everything that happens and reflect it with data. They collect information on various elements of the lifting process.

Electronic limiters can be connected to the weighing system

Connect your electronic load limiter to any weight detecting sited in: turn pulley, fixed spur, carrier, cable, etc. We understand the importance of seamless integration with existing systems.  Moreover, we offer customizable options to tailor the limiters to suit specific industry requirements and applications.

They are safely manufactured according to the current norm

All Crosby Airpes products, handling and weighing systems follow all safety regulations to confirm the best possible use. Remember that Crosby Airpes is also specialized in certifications, so all of our systems and products are built following all the international required certifications.

You can choose between many different electronic limiters

You can find many types of electronic limiter at Crosby Airpes: ALE-100, ALT-100, ALM-100N, ALE-90, ACN-100 or ACN-90.

Eagle, our latest electronic limiter

Our latest addition is Eagle, en electronic limiter, but much more: also known as the industrial brain to your crane. Discover all of its features on its page.