The best equipment for your overhead cranes


Improve your overhead crane with the best handling systems

At Airpes, we are experts in handling, weighing and lifting. We also design, manufacture and test the equipment for your overhead cranes according to your specific needs.

From the electronic limiter Eagle, considered the brain to your industrial crane, to our C-hooks and lifting beams, we offer a wide range of possibilities to move your loads the safest way possible. Check out everything Airpes has for you and let us make your job easier.

Load limiters monitoring your overhead crane

Electronic load limiter ALM-100N controls the overload, slack cable, other desired points, and registers the spectrum of loads of elevation devices.

Load cells designed for your industrial cranes

Load cells capture data to inform you about your load’s strength or weight in different conditions. Check out Airpes’ different types of load cells and converters.

Hooks and crane scales for overhead cranes

Airpes’ crane scales are designed to be hung from the crane. They control entrance and exit of products, storage, stock control as well as other actions.

  • Eagle is an electronic limiter designed according to the European regulation of general safety of machines.
  • Along with the Blackbox app, the Eagle registers all movements of hoist, trolley and bridge independently.
  • It registers weighings, overloads and load spectrum to get the complete monitoring
  • It provides a safety control while cranes are working in tandem mode.
  • The Eagle electronic limiter is open to be adapted to new applications and tailor made solutions.

Lifting & handling | Airpes

Radiocontrol for your lifting equipment and bridge crane

Since 1986 Autec designs wireless control systems specifically for safety applications:

  • Industrial overhead cranes
  • Truck mounted and construction cranes
  • Elevating work platforms for material and personnel
  • Construction and maintenance machinery
  • Factory automation

We are an official Autec distributor since 2003 through our own worldwide network.


The best overhead cranes lifting and handling systems

Lifting beam


Airpes manufactures special lifting beams for different applications and sectors like:

  • Renewable energy sources (wind turbines, nacelle’s, rotors, blades etc.)
  • Industrial applications: steel mills, paper mills, aeronautics and aero spatial facilities
  • Solar energy (Thermo solar plants)

We supply all kind of beams from 1,5t up to 490t, fitting our customer’s needs.

Airpes’ C-Hooks are designed to meet your specific coil requirements. Our hook lifting products are manufactured according to the FEM Standards.

We design C-Hooks according to your needs: load configuration, weight, entry of the coil ID, lifting and height area.

We can also manufacture them with different grades of steel to decrease the overall weight and facilitate its use in any crane.



Coil Tong


Airpes designs and manufactures coil tongs for the most demanding customers all over the world.

Our engineers can design and adapt coil tongs to meet your requests regarding

  • Mechanical features
  • Electronic components
  • And the highest of safety standards

We are in charge of the electromagnet design but also of its whole production and delivery.

Electromagnets can be used for handling situations involving steel plates, profiles, coiled strips, castings, forgings, and bundles.

We manufacture all kind of electromagnets for all kind of applications: round, square and in all measures, increasing the options for our customers.



Permanent electromagnets


Airpes has designed its own permanent electromagnet based in reliability, heavy duty and flexibility.

We give the customer the maximum options with its modular system that allows module lifting or lowering according to the particularity of each magnet beam.

We have tested our permanent electromagnet in the most extreme working conditions to ensure the equipment’s quality and safety.

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