Transfer carts

pallet transfer cart

Transfer carts are used in many industries to move all kinds of objects. The great advantage of transfer carts is that they do not need cranes or complex installations as they move on the ground. In Airpes we have extensive experience in the design of transfer carts of all types, including also transfer carts for the transport of pallets.

Transfer carts

Airpes’ pallet transfer carts allow palletized loads to be transported from one place to another within the company’s facilities or factory.

The great advantage of the transfer carts is that can be adapted exactly to the needs of the client, designing and building the transfer cart that has the exact characteristics that the situation requires.

Autonomous battery powered transfer carts for pallets

In the majority of cases our pallet transfer carts are moved through wireless systems, autonomously and it is only necessary to check the state of charge of the batteries for the operation to be carried out and that the operator has received the 2-hour training course at the time of delivery of the equipment to its facilities before starting it up for the first time.

In addition some of the characteristics or functions that we can incorporate to our transfer carts for pallets are the following ones.

Type of displacement

Displacement on rails or on wheels

Type of traction

It can be total traction or personalised traction and steering

Any kind of pallets and loads

Custom sizes and dimensions for all types of pallets (plastic, wood, metal…)

Silent and safe

Silent and much more stable than a mechanical bull or a pallet truck

Type of engine

Powered by batteries or diesel engine


Adapted to ATEX regulations (companies with products with high explosive risk)

Personalised range of movement

Possibility of hydraulic lifting for loading and/or unloading at different heights

100% automated

Automatic start of the movement once the pallet has been loaded or unloaded

wood palet
plastic palet
metal palet

Pallet transfer carts with radio control: is it possible? Yes

In Airpes we have extensive experience in industrial remote control applications: we are the only official distributor in Spain of the brand AUTEC, undisputed leaders in the manufacture and design of industrial radio control equipment.

By using a radio control system, we can make a remote supervision of the status and operation of the pallet transfer cart, as well as receiving information about the load or the work performed.

bloque radiocontrol

Maximum customization on every pallet transfer cart

Our pallet transfer carts can be customized to the maximum in order to adapt them exactly to the customer’s facilities. We can incorporate any desired feature into any pallet transfer cart.

  • Bumpers and anti-collision protections
  • Warning lights
  • Acoustic warning
  • Custom Colors
  • Stainless steel parts or components
  • Ability to work outdoors

Some other transfer carts we have already installed:

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transfer cart

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