Eagle – the electronic limiter and blackbox that controls your industrial cranes

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Eagle, the safest electronic limiter to control your loads

Eagle is the brain to your industrial crane. It is an electronic limiter designed with a multioverload protector, safety control, multi anticollision crane system along with full connection with the Blackbox app.

An electronic load limiter is a protection system to avoid an overload situations. They are designed to guarantee the relationship between the load and  he lifting equipment capacity in order to not been exceeded.

The aim of the electronic limiter is to regulate crane operation to prevent potential incidents and  to establish reference points for maintaining efficiency, reliability and safety standards.

Discover the lifting system that will make your job very easy in an innovative way

* Eagle is an electronic limiter designed according to the European regulation of general safety of machines, accomplishing PLd and category III in its complete configuration.

* The electronic limiter and Blackbox app register all movements of hoist, trolley and bridge independently.

* It also registers weighings, overloads and load spectrum to get the complete monitoring.

* Provides a safety control when cranes are working in tandem mode.

* The Eagle electronic limiter is open to be adapted to new applications and tailor made solutions.

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How does the electronic limiter Eagle work?

What’s inside the Eagle box?

What’s in the Eagle electronic limiter?

• Control up to 4 hoists.
• Up to 10 combinations of the sum of loads.
• Up to 30 configurable limits
• Up to 4 different load control zones.
• 2 Safety relays.
• 10 Output relay (N.O. / N.C.).
• 12 Digital inputs (48 a 220 Vac/Vdc).
• 4 PTC temperature sensor inputs.
• Multiconnectivity (RS-232/485, USB, RF, Wifi, GPRS, Profibus, CANopen, Modbus, Ethernet, …).
• High flexibility in inputs/outputs.

Case study: How the Eagle electronic limites can help your company

Our Eagle electronic limiter has helped our customers to achieve their goals. Airpes designed an on demand solution for Rail Slider, a Steel company based in Port Bou, Spain and a long time Airpes’ customer.

Airpes provided two sets of high-powered electromagnets, ready to be installed in each one of the two 32 t. cranes on the ground. These systems are able to handle packages up to 14 m. long and 5 t. load each.

Following european standards, the results were visible: production multiplied by 5 and there was no risk of damaging the product.

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