Weighing Hooks

Take a look at Airpes’ electronic digital crane hook scales, designed to be hanging of a crane block to control the weight of entering and leaving products, control storage, stock control, etc. Our hanging weight measurement instruments are heavy duty scales capable to work in a wide range of situations. They can measure large amounts of weight with precision and accuracy and give the weight information through a digital lcd display. The screen can be installed with backlight for a better vision.

Airpes’ crane scales are designed to be hung from the crane. They perform weighing and lifting functions at the same time, becoming an adaptable high capacity item very useful in many industries. The scale features can be personalised to every customer ‘s need, so the customer can add an extra function to the basic product. In this page you will find a series of hook scales, each one of them with a different price, battery for working up to 24h without power, are portable and can be moved to another crane, can work in very high and low temperature and work in an accurate manner from 500 to 10.000 kgs.

We have different types of hooks and crane scales to control the entrance and exit of items, storage control, stock control and other actions. These measurement instruments can reset the tare, can display the weight in kgs or lbs, send the weight information via radio or even be controlled through an infrarred system. Calibration is accurate and every single scale is easy to operate.

Meet the electronic hook AGM-180, the electronic crane scale AGP-100 and the crane scale AGE-120 to control the entry and exit of your product while they travel and are lifted in/out the warehouse. All airpes® products meet the highest standards of safety and quality of the European Union, in addition to the processes of designing, manufacturing and marketing certificates UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2000 by the prestigious TÜV.

Electronic crane scale AGM-180

The electronic crane scale AGM-180 has been designed to be hung up from the hook of the overhead travelling crane, arm crane, crane vehicle, tower crane, etc. where it works. [+]

Electronic crane scale AGP-100

Hooks 01 | Airpes Lifting Equipment
The AGP-100 electronic crane scale is an appropriate device for the control of entering and leaving of a product, control of storage, checking of the stock, etc. The AGP-100 electronic crane scale ha... [+]

Electronic crane scale AGE-120

AGE120 01 | Hooks | Airpes Lifting Equipment
The AGE-120 electronic crane scale has been designed to be hung up from the hook of the overhead travelling crane, arm crane, crane vehicle, tower crane, etc. from where it is going to work. [+]