Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet


Take a look at our electro permanent lifting magnet that offers power and reliability. Our electro permanent lifting magnet has a modular system that allows increasing or decreasing the active modules and magnets according to the particularity of each magnet beam and each operation. Airpes has wide experience in magnetic lifting and can design the lifting magnet that will service you the exact way you need.


Airpes’ electro permanent lifting magnet



Airpes has designed wide experience in lifting magnet design, putting all our knowledge in creating reliable, heavy duty capacity and flexible magnetic lifters and lifting magnets. Airpes manufactures its electro permanent lifting magnet to give the customer the maximum options with its modular system that allows lifting or lowering the modules according to the particularity of each magnet beam and lift.

Airpes has designed its own permanent magnetic system and has tested it in the most extreme working conditions to ensure electro permanent magnets quality and safety.

A permanent lifting magnet works the opposite way classic electro magnets do: we apply an electric current to release the material. For example, in the case of a power failure the material will be held for infinite time. But don’t worry, we design our permanent lifting magnet with battery that will allow to continue working even in the case of a electrical power failure.

The lifting beams that support the magnet are designed according to the request and they can be telescopic (hydraulic, mechanical…) or fixed beams.

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Security is a must: safe and reliable

Our permanent lifting magnet is equipped with a load sensor to ensure that the user can only release the load once it is on the ground. That way we avoid to release the load by accident.

electro permanent lifting magnet for steel plates

Our electro permanent magnet modular system allows to pre-program different working conditions by activating different working modes to adapt the magnets to the type or shape of the object or material that needs to be lifted: a plate, a pole, a coil, round or flat objects…

The clamping surface is composed by square poles in chess-board disposition, no battery is needed: the energy from the permanent magnets keeps the load clamped for infinite period. These kind of magnets give a maximum safety level.

Check out this video showing an overview of the permanent electro magnet from Airpes in motion:

Extra functions for your electro permanent lifting magnet

In Airpes we design highly personalised solutions that adapt to the premises, type of crane and object that needs to be lifted. Our electro permanent lifting magnets series can work in high service factor plants, under high temperatures and can be upgraded with so they can perform extra functions for the company like data collection, integrated weighing capacity, giving, wireless technology…


Airpes’ electro permanent lifting magnet for the steel sector


electro permanent lifting magnet under operation


The steel sector is the one that uses lifting magnets the most but in fact any company working with metal can install a lifting magnet for improving the handling processes.


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