Save time with Airpes’ permanent electromagnet beam

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We designed a permanent electromagnet beam


We are always proud to introduce new lifting, weighing and handling systems, mostly because they improve what is already existing and they make things so much easier for both workers and companies related to the handling of loads.

Today we put our eye on the steel sector and we are about to tell you all about our permanent electromagnet beam, created to manipulate steel sheets up to 20t., designed to make your job quicker, more efficient and much safer. It is our priority to improve both your productivity and safety at your workplace.


Permanent electromagnet beam with motorized turning kit

One of the most impressive new features on this industrial equipment for lifting and weighing is the motorized turning kit. It is an additional option that goes with all APM models and allows, as you can see by its name, to perform a motorized turning.

Save time without having to separate the steel sheets

Our brand new permanent electromagnet beam includes also new electronics, allowing to work in a much simpler way with steel sheets. For instance, is you happen to be working with very thin steel sheets, we will make it so easy for you: the operator doesn’t have to help manually to separate second steel sheets that have been pre magnetized anymore.

Video of the permanent electromagnet beam

Check out our brand new handling equipment in use, to see how easy is to use:


Airpes, experts in handling and lifting


If you need to improve your productivity and get better results with your lifting, handling or weighing equipment, contact us. At Airpes we will help you find the system that you need: we will design it, create it and test it with all guarantees, in an efficient way.