The best electromagnet systems for your company

If you work with steel plates, your company needs an electromagnet. At Crosby Airpes, we design, manufacture, and test all kinds of electromagnetic systems so you can do your job more straightforwardly and safely.

We want to increase your productivity and make you save some money by creating the most efficient handling and weighing equipment. Our systems are designed to work in extreme conditions like high temperatures, dust, and heavy duty.

Electromagnet Systems

You can use electromagnets to handle factory situations involving steel plates, scrap, rebar, bar stock, plate, coiled strips, castings, forgings, and bundles.

Crosby Airpes manufactures all kinds of electromagnetic systems for all types of applications, round, square, and in all measures, to increase the options for our customers.

These electromagnets can be used individually or in multiples with different suspension systems.

Permanent Electromagnets

Crosby Airpes designed its permanent electromagnet based on high reliability, heavy-duty, and flexibility.

Crosby Airpes has designed its modular system and has tested them in the most extreme working conditions to ensure electro-permanent magnets’ quality and safety.

The lifting beams are designed according to the request, and they can be telescopic (hydraulic, mechanical, etc.) or fixed beams. Save time with Crosby Airpes’ permanent electromagnet beam.

Uses of Crosby Airpes’ Electromagnets

Electromagnet and permanent electromagnet 04 | Airpes


  • We design and produce our own electromagnets.
  • We have the most interesting products in the industrial electromagnet field because we are in charge of the lifting electromagnet design and its whole production.
  • Electromagnetic systems can be used for nearly every handling situation that you can have in a factory.
  • Request a quote. Discover our outstanding productscustomer service, and competitive prices.

The best electromagnet equipment you can have

Electromagnet and permanent electromagnet 05 | Airpes


  • The permanent electromagnetic system modular system is equipped with a load sensor to ensure that the user can only release the load once it is on the ground.
  • It also allows different working conditions by activating various programs using different magnets.
  • The permanent electromagnets are designed to give you and your company a maximum safety level for your company.
  • We are experts in electromagnets for the steel plates sector.

Benefits of the Electromagnet System

  • Our electric magnetic systems have a cast case with aluminum or copper coil, standard field, deep field, and extra deep field.
  • These magnets can be used individually or in multiples at once, using different suspension systems.
  • Crosby Airpes provides a complete solution through lifting beams and optional features like telescopic opening/closing, special suspensions, or the possibility to add fixed welded hooks to increase the system’s versatility.
  • Crosby Airpes designs, manufactures, and supplies complete equipment, including the power supply (cable reel as optional) and Electrical Control Box.
  • Crosby Airpes is also in charge of supplying support batteries to prevent the accidental release of the load in case of power supply failure.

Electromagnet Systems Case Studies

Motorized Beam with electro magnet


Our motorized lifting beam design with magnets records very positive results.

Crosby Airpes’ motorized lifting beams, with 4t and 8t capability, work and turn perfectly, adapted with magnets. Its motorized movement and magnetization make it more manageable and safer to work, move, and lift the load as required.


Telescopic Permanent Electromagnet ATEM-8

Electromagnet and permanent electromagnet 06 | Airpes


Crosby Airpes Telescopic Permanent-Electro Magnetic System is a handling system that gives customers plenty of options with its modular design.

This system’s core allows increasing or decreasing the modules according to the particularity of each magnet beam.

Mechanics of the Permanent Electromagnet ATEM-8

  • The Telescopic Permanent Electro magnet ATEM-8 is activated by double-effect cylinders and a single rod of 63 mm or 36 mm. The system holds the cylinder with stumps on the head, allowing a superior pushability, and it’s also four times stronger than similar products.
  • This permanent electric magnetic system consists of large hot rolled steel pipes designed to accommodate hydraulic cylinders larger than the other companies, offering more security.

On-Demand Electromagnet Lifting Equipment

Electromagnets for the steel-cutting sector

Electromagnet and permanent electromagnet 02 | Airpes


Crosby Airpes designed a new range of products for the steel-cutting sector.

These electro-permanent magnets lift full plate and profile parts in just one movement in the safest way, fast and controlled, increasing productivity and cost savings.

Electromagnet solution for Dragados Offshore

Electromagnet and permanent electromagnet 03 | Airpes


An on-demand solution centered on permanent electromagnets fulfills the need of Dragados Offshore, our customer, to include those systems in their offshore project.

Specifically, two 14t pieces of equipment can work outdoors and in marine environments.

This new range of handling systems is designed and manufactured to give our customers a wide range of options and flexibility.

Do you want to know more about our electromagnet systems?