10 reasons to use a test bench for your lifting equipment



One of Airpes’ newest features is the Airpes’ test bench, ready to test your lifting equipment in a safe environment.

Today we’re going to give you 10 reasons to give our test bench a try:


Why use a test bench?

  1. Because Benchmark Testing is very important

When working with heavy loads on big budget projects, it is very important to control everything that is going on from the very start. The test bench marks a first approach to the real use of your lifting equipment.


  1. Because it simulates a real operation

Our test bench simulates a real operation, so you will be able to see your lifting equipment’s reaction.


  1. Because its much safer

The purpose of the test bench is to prove that your weighing equipment works fine at full capacity, but with the safety of being in a controlled environment.


  1. Because you will save money

Any changes that you might have to do to your lifting equipment before you start your project will save you a lot of time and money.


  1. Because you can have a meeting while the test is being made

We offer guest offices fully equipped for work and meetings while your lifting system is being tested.


10 reasons to use a test bench 02 | Airpes

  1. Because you can collect data

In addition to confirm that everything is ok, our test bench can provide you with key information about your equipment, including scenarios that you didn’t think of. This extra information will improve your work in many ways.


  1. Because you can stress your system safely

The weighing indication system is approved by a certifying company with an accuracy of +/- 0,5 %.


  1. Because it provides a context to your system

The best way to make sure that your project starts well is making a test. Put your lifting or weighing equipment to the test and add peace of mind to your work.


  1. Because there is time to make changes

If you discover any strengths or weaknesses in your system, you’ll still be able to improve it before your project starts.


  1. Because is the ultimate proof that your job was well done

Starting a project knowing that everything works fine is imperative in weighing, lifting and handling sectors.


Ask us for more information about our test bench

If you want to test your lifting or weighing system, don’t hesitate and contact us. We will advise you and help you make the most of the test, finding the strengths of your lifting equipment and making your job easier and safer.