Kito Crosby: new brand, new heights

Kito Crosby, new brand

Together, let’s continue to lift the world to new heights.” This quote from Robert Desel, CEO of Kito Crosby, reflects the new way that this company will follow next year. The promise to grow, to achieve new goals and continue building a better world.

The most recent history of this company demonstrates this.

Kito Crosby, a new force in front of global challenges

A few months ago, Kito acquired Crosby and became the global leader of its sector. A company with a big corporate branding.

This new corporate branding will be positioned above the individual product brands, which include Kito, Crosby, Harrington, Gunnebo, Peerless, Crosby Straightpoint, BlokCam, Airpes, Acco, McKissick, Crosby Feubo, Trawlex, Lebus, Speedbinder, CrosbyIP, Jiangyin, Erikkila, Van Leusden, Kito Weissenfels, SCC, and Fall Safe – all of which will remain unchanged.

 Kito Crosby is now the global leader of the lifting and securement industry it pioneered, and for which it continues to set the quality standard.

In order to unify the corporate identity of the group companies, this umbrella brand unveils a corporate identity that signifies more than just a logo—it’s a commitment to excellence and innovation.

A commitment demonstrated through harmonizing the power of Kito, Crosby, Harrington, Gunnebo Industries, Peerless, Airpes… but not forgetting the unique identity and value of each product brand.

Kito Crosby provides customers with an extensive selection of products and services designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of lifting, rigging, transporting, and securing operations.

CEO Robert Desel reveals how the group feels about this change.” This rebranding isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a reinvigorated promise to ‘raise your world,’ reflecting our new mission, vision, and values and our pledge to invest in our family of brands continuously”.

Mission, vision, and values by Kito Crosby

  • Our mission defines our reason for being. To create, produce, and maintain the safest, most reliable, and cutting-edge solutions for lifting and securing.
  • Our vision describes our path to achieving it. Collectively, we elevate and safeguard the world in the present to pave the way for a more secure, robust, and efficient future.
  • Our values fuel our culture. There are five: reliability, accountability, innovation, safety, and excellence.

As Kito Crosby sets out on this venture with a team of 4,000 devoted employees, we pledge to deliver innovative technologies and solutions to our esteemed channel partners and end users. Our collective proficiency in global engineering, manufacturing, distribution, and operations equips us to tackle present-day challenges and seize future opportunities.

Raise your world 🌏