Airpes designs a handling and weighing system for Brugg

Airpes delivered a 60t handling and weighing lifting equipment to the Swiss company BRUGG KABEL AG with 0.1% accuracy in weighing of wire coils.

This a very important on demand solution for us, since we designed and manufactured this lifting equipment for BRUGG.

The client had an old crane with an old handling system. In the need to transport larger and heavier wire coils, a new crane and a new lifting equipment were presented.

Airpes also installed the AMR130RE Viewer showing the precise weight of the crane throughout the workspace. A radio system was also incorporated to the lifting equipment to send the weight information to the computer, keeping it stored .

Thanks to this new lifting equipment designed for this solution, the manipulation of the coils is carried out safely and quickly. Since the new system incorporates weighing, a large space is released on the floor where the old weighing system used to be.

Airpes’ distributor in Switzerland, Hausherr, managed and installed the crane.

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