The benefits of using a crane scale

The benefits of using a crane scale - Crosby Airpes

A crane scale is a valuable piece of equipment for weighing large industrial applications in many industries and allows you to collect useful data with high precision, regardless of the shape of your load.

As specialists in handling, weighing, and lifting solutions, we offer you five key benefits of using industrial crane scales that will convince you that you should have a Crosby Airpes scale in your business.

What is a crane scale?

A crane scale is a heavy-duty scale utilized to suspend massive or weighty loads that you can use to measure the weight of various industrial applications within the workplace. They are also known as suspended scales, load links, or overhead weighing scales.

You can use this weighing equipment for the same applications to a standard scale. However, in particular tasks, you may need readings for heavier items that a standard scale will not be able to offer.

Various industries used this measuring tool, such as:

  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturers
  • Shipyards
  • Construction sites

Thanks to modern technology, crane scales have easy-to-read and reliable readings, and industries rely on them.

5 advantages of using a crane scale

1- A crane scale helps weigh awkward loads

Using a crane scale means you can weigh heavy and awkward objects that otherwise you can’t. You can lift any load with it. The only limit will be the load limit of the crane.

2- A crane weight scale frees up workspace

A crane scale is suspended, allowing more floor space within your industry. You may want a safer workspace. With this product, you do not need to transport objects to weigh.

3- Crane scales lessen the amount of forklift traffic within the workplace

If you start using a crane scale in your workplace, you will have more space at a floor level, and also, forklift drivers will have more room to drive and do their job. Having more free space to drive a forklift will prevent crashes and create a clear driving route for workers.

4- Crane scales give accurate measurements

If you need accurate measurements, a crane scale will be able to offer you an accurate reading of how much your load weighs.

5- A crane load scale saves time and money

Crane scales are easy for workers to read with an easy process. They give you a digital reading, and all the worker has to do is record the numbers down. Any employee can do it relatively quickly and easily, saving time to do other jobs.

Having pieces of equipment that are easy to operate means you should be able to save money when it comes to labor costs since only one person needs to be recording and using the scales at one time.

Types of industrial crane scale

Crosby Airpes offers you digital industrial crane scales adapted to your needs (the customer can add an extra function to the equipment), and we can add crane scales to any lifting equipment you need.

Hook Block Scale

A hook block scale can adapt to any crane and offers a high level of precision. This lifting system calculates the weight of the elevated load while in motion without having to move it to a steady weighing option.

Weighing Hooks

A weighing hook performs weighing and lifting functions simultaneously, becoming adaptable high-capacity equipment very useful in many industries.

We also offer you a wide range of accessories to carry out all weighing tasks safely and even more comfortably:

Get the industrial crane scale you need with Crosby Airpes

¿Do you need a crane scale? We can design and manufacture crane scales to control the entrance and exit of items, storage control, stock control, and other actions. Our measurement equipment can reset the tare, display the weight in kilograms or pounds, send the weight information via radio, and even use an infrared control system. Calibration is accurate, and every single scale is easy to operate.