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Hook Block Scale ATP-100


The ATP hook block scale is an electronic weighing system of great precision, thought to be adapted to any type of crane.


• Extractible visor
• Height of digits, 26/45/60mm (LCD or LED)
• Feeding through interchangeable batteries(2 batteries + charger)
• Functions, On, Off, pulsators in the visor
• Functions, Tare, Sum, Erase and Off, through Telecommander
• Accuracy: + / – 0.03%
• Admitted momentaneous overload 150%
• Protection IP.54
• Temperature -10ºC – 50ºC
• Humidity 15% – 85%

• Communication by radio to Maxi-display
• Communication by radio to Mini-display
• Communication by radio to printer
• Protection IP-65 (exterior)
• Protection high temperatures ( for works in foundries)
• Preselection of loads (doser)


Advantages offered by this new system are that it calculates the weight of the elevated load while in motion, without having to move it to a steady weighing option and that it does not sacrifice headroom in the elevation process.

The ATP system is adaptable to load capacities from 2,000 Kg to 250,000Kg.