Electronic crane scale AGM-180


The electronic crane scale AGM-180 has been designed to be hung up from the hook of the overhead travelling crane, arm crane, crane vehicle, tower crane, etc. where it works.


Airpes’ electronic crane scale AGM-180 features

  • Digits: 5 LED 1,8”
  • Work temperature: -20ºC +60ºC
  • Functions: On/Off, Zero, Tare Sum, Total and Erase (through tele-commander)
  • Protection: IP 55 (optional IP 65)
  • Feeding: 8,4V DC
  • Accuracy: +- 0,1%


The electronic crane scale AGM-180 has different options, like the incorporation of an infrared command, 24 h battery service, protection for works in foundries with high temperatures, RS-232-VC output, RS-485 output, printer, indicator of maximum peak, etc.