Installation of a wind turbine blade with a Blade Clamp: training and testing in-situ

Installation of a wind turbine blade with a Blade Clamp: training and testing in-situ - Wind Energy - Airpes

The blades of a wind turbine can measure about 80 meters. Moving them is not easy, but the result is always rewarding. Doing so with the proper installation tools and with total security is key to the successful assembly of a wind farm.

To make a correct pursuit of each on-demand project once the tool is in operation is one of the characteristics of quality of Airpes. We also offer training for the operators who will use them. Want to see an example?

An on-demand Clamp Installation Tool for a large wind energy company

Each wind turbine in a wind farm has 3 blades. And, in a wind farm, there can be hundreds of wind turbines – that’s a lot of blades!

For example, in the time-lapse video below, you can see how the last blade of a wind farm of 103 wind turbines is installed (so it would be the blade nº309).

And how have they all been installed? Thanks to an Airpes blade clamp.

Adapted training and on-site testing

To make sure that our Clamp Installation Tool was working properly and to explore how we can improve it in the future, our client invited us to the wind farm. There, we trained new workers in its use, listened to the proposals and impressions of the most experienced technicians in its use and took the opportunity to test it in-situ, with the real installations, with gravel, earth and mud.

We took note of everything to continue improving the design.

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Airpes is the supplier of installation tools you need

At Airpes we are experts in providing the wind industry with the tools they need for the transportation, maintenance and installation of all the elements of a wind turbine.